Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Josh Innes fires back at John Granato "Cowardly"

Written by: Lamont

Monday morning, Josh Innes addressed John Granato's article.   After Josh tweeted the following,

John Granato, wrote an article.  Josh requested for John to at least have the balls to say his name if he's going to write an whole article based on his tweet.  Josh also called John Grant non relevant.  He poked fun at John's sponsor spots.  There was more.

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit

Josh said that John, wrote a whole article about him, that's incorrect.  John's article was more than Josh's Tweet.  He did use a portion of his article on Josh's tweet but hell he also addressed my tweet.  John's article was about being able to critique Rick Smith during this time period without being nasty.

Josh had a point about John referencing him without saying his name.  I didn't even catch it when I read John's article but I hate shit like that.   It's not 1997, everyone knows who everyone is in this social media era. Why act as if a person does not exist and then reference them.  When it's done on radio and in print, it comes off as week.  HMW use to key in on shows who did stuff like that.  I enjoyed the article but I wish John would have mentioned who he was talking about.

I knew Josh would reply to John but I wondered how Lance Zierlein would be handled.  Josh and Lance from everything I've seen are cool.  Lance is currently the competition.  Josh directed all of his takes directly and John Granato and called him out by name.  Later in the segment, Josh said, he don't have a problem with Lance.

John and Lance is on at the same time as Josh and Josh seems to know a lot about the Bench.  It's not really a bad look since he admitted he listens but it's still strange AF when I hear personalities admit listening to their competition.  Newsflash, THEY ALL LISTEN TO THEIR COMPETITION no matter how much they try to say they don't

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