Friday, January 12, 2018

Josh Innes, stop lying on Seth Payne

Written by: Lamont

I've been sitting on this because I was waiting on Seth Payne to publicly provide clarification.  After Josh Innes assumed the morning, he's taking shots at MAD Radio (Seth Payne and Mike Meltser).  Initially Josh framed it as competition and he is still friends with the guys. The straw that broke the camel's back is when Josh called MAD radio.

Apparently, lawyers got involved and Josh had to remove the podcast with the call.  Later, Josh said he was no longer friends with them if they were going act like that.

I am not sure if 610 has a gag order or they just do not want to acknowledge Josh verbally but Seth Payne is saying a few things.  Several times Seth has mentioned hosts saying how they are your friends and at the same ripping you and telling lies on you.

Last week after John Granato went at Josh on Twitter, Seth chimed in and alluded to Josh lying on them.

I am not sure what Josh lied about specifically.  If I had to guess, it may be the phone call and accusing Seth and Mike getting the big wigs involved.

I am looking forward to Seth elaborating in detail.  Whatever Josh said about Seth and Mike, Seth clearly has a problem with it.

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