Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mike Meltser invoking Gavin Spittle in the Seth v Josh confrontation, Bitch Move

Written By: Lamont

There are rules to the game.  Mike Meltser pulled one of the biggest bitch moves ever.

There was a portion of the confrontation, Seth told Josh, people do not like you, I think Josh asked him who and Seth did not disclose names.  Of course Josh knows who do not like him and Seth didn't want to fall for the bait.  Josh just wanted Seth to give him more.

As the confrontation was coming to a close, Mike Meltser hauls off with "Gavin doesn't want to talk to you".   Gavin Spittle is the former 610 Sports Director that Josh, Mike and Seth worked under.

Publicly, Josh holds Gavin in great esteem.  Josh portrays Gavin as a good dude, sort of a mentor.  If Josh didn't know this and Gavin wanted it to be that way , then Mike was wrong.

Mike's comments could be true but it was not his place to verbalize it publicly.  Mike invoked a person who was not there to represent his name.

It wasn't Mike's place to bring up Gavin's name unless Gavin knew that Mike was going to mention him.  Mike's comment was out of place.  Look at it like this,  what if Seth told Mike some shit about Landry.  Landry think he and Seth are boys.  Mike and Landry gets into an argument, and Mike says, "Seth don't like you" and Seth is there.


More to come from this altercation, there were a ton of interesting moments.  

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