Sunday, March 11, 2018

Patrick Starr will be missed in Texans Free Agency

Written by: Lamont

Patrick Starr from The State of The Texans is temporarily out of commission. Get well Pat.  That said, I was having a conversation on Twitter with my man Pinche Daddy about the Texans and Free Agency.  Pinche tweeted the following

Our exchange caused a lengthy conversation between a few others. That's when it hit me, Patrick is going to be missed during Free agency and I hope like hell not the Draft and OTAs.

Patrick became my Texans Google.  Shit I could easily Google for myself, I would ask Pat.  In most cases, Pat's responses were quicker and more accurate than Google.  That said, Pat's niche quickly became the Texans Fact Checker.

Commonly on Twitter, misinformation is thrown around.  Upon identifying misinformation, Pat would correct you on the spot.  Hell there are plenty of times he corrected me.

The difference between Pat and most other local media members, he along with Jayson Braddock, will acknowledge fans and answer their questions.  I never really got the feeling that they thought they were about the peasants to answer routine question.

Currently, we are approaching Free Agency and a ton of misinformation will be lobbed around and there will be a void setting the record straight.

Get well Pat.

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