Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bob McNair needs Rick Smith, Fire the PR firm

Written by: Lamont

I debated whether to write about Bob McNair.  After watching my friend Jermaine Every's video piece, Bob McNair needs to retire , I decided to share my thoughts.

No offense to Jermaine or many others who are consumed in groupthink, I wanted to approach the discussion from a different angle.

Many are consumed with Bob McNair retiring, semantics of an idiom or racism.  I believe there's more meat on this bone

Bob McNair's People

When the Wall Street Journal dropped the headline on Bob McNair, I instantly wondered, "who is Bob McNair's publicist, who is the Public Relations person or firm in charge".  Common sense would lead me to believe publications outside of maybe John McClain with the Houston Chronicle has to go through people to get a sit down with McNair.  Why would you want McNair  hashing up a story he's not going to alter public opinion?  No matter if McNair are right or wrong, public opinion has made up their mind and the only outcome is making a year old matter worse.

Thursday, Mike Meltser and Seth Payne had the person who wrote the article.  He said he talked to McNair's people and they felt Bob wanted to set the record.

Below is the audio

After I heard this, not only is the problem Bob McNair's reluctance to let an issue go away, his "people" are equally responsible.  Whoever this contact person(s) are could have shut it down by saying "No thanks WSJ".

Rick Smith

As I thought about the timeline of events, something stood out.  Bob McNair's comments corresponded with the same time Rick Smith began dealing with his personal issues.  Bob McNair made his initial "inmate" comment in October.  According to Rick Smith, he was taking time away from the team in September.  I am not suggesting that Rick Smith has control over McNair but maybe Rick was more than just a General Manager.  Maybe Rick was hi adviser.   Hell, we all joked that Rick had Bob's ear, it's looking like, that may not be too far fetch.  In other words, if Rick was free of personal issues and 100% locked in with all of the stuff that was going down, I believe he would have steered McNair in the politically correct direction.

As far as Bob McNair retiring, I've been called for this for the product on the field, not because of Faux Outrage.  I think the Texans has a communications problem organization-wide.  From Coaches and GMs not on the same page to McNair to a coach unable to make routine in game decisions.  It appears the Texans have issues with communication.

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