Sunday, June 3, 2018

In The Loop has a pulse

Written by: Lamont

It's one thing to dislike a host or think a show lacks content, it's a whole different ball game if a show is boring.  For the last two years, I couldn't even honestly critique In The Loop because it was so dry. Mona Lisa thought In The Loop was stoic.

 I would listen to In The Loop and yawn, felt like I was in a library.

Instantly that change last week with the arrival of Fred Davis and Landry Locker.  It appears that Fred is running point, Landry is a tweener between point and shooting guard and John is a solid shooting guard. 

We and by "we" I mean the city of Houston knows that Fred is loud AF.  Fred could do a show without a mic and his energy is crazy sick.  Landry is the counter puncher; in other words, if you have a recycled or regurgitated take and just throw it out there and believe is going to go unchecked, he's quick to clap back and tell you "that's bullshit".  I can definitely see some back and forths between Landry and John while Fred serves as the arbitrator.

It's only their first week and we are in the summer so I haven't really assessed their content but they have given 610 Mid Days life.

I am not saying In The Loop is about to blow up Personal People Meters (PPMs) up, but they will make Mid Days some what interesting instead of Chernobyl.

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