Friday, August 3, 2018


Written By: LM

After kicking ass for 6 consecutive months, Fred Faour rewarded the fans.  Yep, it's a party.  Fred and AJ Hoffman threw a party for long time fans of their show and the station.

Fred and AJ (The Blitz) is not your typical show.   They are identified as Sports Talk but in reality, they are everything but Sports Talk.  They get away from the mundane recycled sports topics and venture out to shit the Average Joe likes, such as:  Titties, Music, Movies, Gambling and more.  The Blitz  has found a way to remove the governors from their identification and make what they are interested in enjoyable to their audience.

Earlier, when they were winning Ratings Books with high 2s, I thought it was a joke to brag but month after month their ratings continued to increase.  The latest book, they recorded a 3.9 in the summer.

I emphasized the summer because that's the dead months.  Of course everyone is expecting Sports Radio 610 to regain the market with football approaching because they are the Flagship station for the Texans.  Although plausible and likely, I wouldn't pencil 610 in because I have seen other shows beat some of their shows during football season.

Back to the Blitz.   Although they brag about being simulcasted on two signals (97.5 and 94.1) , the truth of the matter is,  both signals are still shitty.  Currently, I am in Mo City and the signal is ok in certain spots but it's nothing like they portray on air.  That's a good thing,  if they are winning with a shitty signal, one can only imagine if Gow gets the signal fixed on an FM signal, it's only going to get better

I believe things will only get better for the Blitz.  Thursday, David Barron announced that Ted Johnson is leaving the Triple Threat (Sports Radio 610 Afternoon Drive) for Boston.  Ted was the piece that made that show visible. I didn't listen to them but I seen their ratings as many did.  Sean Pendergast and Rich Lord may have been the most boring weekday show in my life behind Cody Stoots and John Lopez. In other words, the Blitz are about to eat the big piece of chicken.

I consider myself a friend of the Blitz and I am happy for their success.

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