Thursday, August 2, 2018

MAD RADIO Squashes the BEEF, and FLAME a few people they don't like

Written by: LM

Wednesday Morning, Mad Radio settled family business and immediately begin crushing fools they don't like.   After the guys kissed and made up, Mike Meltser begin listing random Twitter folks he don't like. Which was kind of funny at the randomness of the names

Nick Davis

Mike also expressed that he wants specific critiques of the show.  Mike, Seth Payne and Paul Gallant finished by talking about Josh Innes.  Paul called the people Josh worked with Sock Puppets.  He didn't say their names so he had to be talking about Jilly and Jim Mud.  Paul also voiced that Josh lies a lot.   I was really surprised at how Paul went at Josh, I thought they were boys.

I felt that Mike and Seth were fair about their issues with Josh.  Hell, he come at them so they shoot back and it wasn't all that bad but Paul got a little heavy.  I don't think what Paul said was bad just surprised it came from him.  Who is Paul now,  the hit man?


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