Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Blitz is doing what some have forgotten

Written by: LM

For the seventh consecutive book, AJ Hoffman and Fred Faour ( The Blitz) has won.  I asked myself, "what are they doing different".  I flirted with Sports Map.  It appeared the Blitz numbers began to take off during the time Sports Map came online.  Then I began to wonder if it was the new line up.  I quickly dismissed the new line up because it didn't effect their show outside of having a local lead-in show with Usual Suspects.

Over the last few months, it hit me.  The Blitz are doing Sports Talk radio.  They are actually incorporating the audience (good or bad).  Over the last few years, a several shows have negated one of the most important of talk radio, the audience.

Just about anyway you can interact with the Blitz, they utilize the platform.  AJ is mainly Twitter, whereas Fred is Twitter, Web Cam, Text, DM, and Phones.  Over the past two years or so, they've went away from Facebook as a show tool.

It would only make sense if you are in the business of entertaining an audience in Talk format to interact with them.  That said, several shows in Houston have went away from that model.  Some hosts rather talk to each other for extended periods of time.

The Blitz is not the only interactive show.  Shows like

  • Usual Suspects - Phones, Twitter
  • In The Loop - Phones
  • Late Hits - Phones, Twitter
  • Josh Innes Show - Phones, Burner
  • Sean Salisbury - Phones  

and a few more are all interactive but the Blitz is currently the most interactive.

The irony, if you were to listen to their show, Fred and AJ  are the last two humans on earth you would expect to be sociable with randoms.  They are grouchy AF but somehow they pull it off.  Fred has low expectations for mankind and AJ don't want you look his direction.

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