Thursday, September 9, 2010


Written By: Lamont Mann


Today I visited the enemy's territory.  I took my ears all the way up to Indianapolis, Indiana.  They pulled a practical joke on me, during one of their commercial brakes, the "Flash" guy said it was 10:39 AM and man I was happy because I thought time was flying but it was the freaking Time Zone difference(9:39 AM CST).  See that's just it, you can't trust them Indianians, they will exploit every little weakness they can at their disposal.


As mentioned earlier I was listening to an Indy station and out of know where one of the host said "we are about to sync up with Houston".  I am in Houston listening to an Indy station while listening to Houston.  WTF

Before Marc and JLO of SR610 began the simulcast, the guys were expressing grave concerns about the offensive line and all of a sudden they said "we ready" and I heard Marc.  I guess the best way to explain it is, all my life I have flown Continental Airlines out of Intercontinental.  The plane would roll up to the runway, stop for like 20 seconds or so and take off.    One year I flew Southwest out of Hobby and the plane made a turn rolled up to the runway and took off.  Feel me? 

During the simulcast, there was a little smack talk from the fans of Houston.  Houston's first call made a joke about Peyton's head and everyone chuckled.  It was cool.  Nothing new came of the simulcast, the guys in Indy acknowledged Houston's Offense and paid homage as well did Marc and John.  1070 AM's host never expressed concern as they actually a certain "swag" in saying they will win the AFC South and Houston will come in 2nd.  Simulcast over.

Once the simulcast was over, the guys jokingly said, "OK they are gone now we can talk about our concerns, Offensive Line".  They also laughed at the Houston caller with a lame joke towards Peyton by saying 1999 want that joke back.  The guys also chuckled about 610's call letter KILT as they referred to them as Scottish Skirts.

1070 The Fan said the Colts will have to solicit the help of Tight Ends on the line for blocking.   They also were wondering what the weather conditions were in Houston and if the roof would be open or close.  In their opinions they would only assume the roof would be close for Houston to take advantage of crowd noise in hopes of effecting Peyton's cadence.

How will Dallas Clarke be defended without Cushing is the questioned posed by 1070 AM.  Dallas Clarke handed Cushing his lunch last game and it's their understanding the guy that's replacing Cushing supposed to be good.

Authur Arkush's (ProFootballWeekly)

What are the Texans' achilles heal?  Authur said the Texans running game, an unproven Foster and fumbling problems.

Are they cool with Schaub throwing for nearly 4,800 or do they want balance?  Why complain about a guy throwing for record breaking yards.

Is Andre Johnson the best receiver in the NFL?  He believes Andre and Larry are 1A and 1b interchangeably.

Authur goes to predict the standings of the AFC South and it's no different from what everyone is saying. 

  1. Colts

  2. Texans

  3. Titans

  4. Jaguars
 While the interview was wrapping the guys asked Authur about his thoughts on the Tom Brady car wreck and he was shocked and thought it was a joke.  He said he seriously had no idea of an early morning wreck of Brady in which he was unharmed (DAMMIT).

 Soundbites of Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak were played over and over with the theme music of Top Gun in the background.  It was almost like a heroic stance.   The Fan, pondered if Schaub comes into a game with the knowledge of a team's DB situation as the way Peyton do.  They felt the key for Colts was for their DBs to not be exposed by Schaub.

Later on more soundbites of Steve Slaton.  During the soundbite, Slaton referenced the game as a rivalry in which one of the host quickly notated that a record of 15 and 1 is by no means a rivalry, it's more like a friendly contest.   After Steve was through talking they were saying Steve is the main person Indy has to watch for, he will be carrying the Rock.

I guess when you are radio station for a good team, you can not find much to critique your own team on therefore you spend a whole show on another city's team.  In all fairness these guys showed much respect for the Texans Offense, Owen Daniels, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.  At one point they flat out sound afraid of our offense.  I am very interested in seeing how this offensive line hold up.  I didn't think they really gave the full story in the case of Dallas Clark v Brian Cushing.  I agree in the first half, Dallas raped Brian but in the second half, Cush got the best of Dallas.

I only listened for 2 hours,  and in those 2 hours I did not hear one phone call outside of the one that came via Houston. (WEIRD YO).  The show was informational but the overall vibe was very low.  I am not sure if these guys are the cream of the crop in town but after i heard them express deep fears of Slaton running rock it made me wonder if these dudes were on crack.  They were going on  as if Steve was the starter.  The only thing that I can think of that may validate their thoughts of Steve is if he scorched in past games.  I was forced to tune out after they didn't know the name of Cushing's replacement.  I understand they are the Colts but when someone as significant as Cushing goes down, you best know damn well who his replacement is.



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