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Wow.  On a very short list of favorite Texans:

Aaron Glenn
Andre Johnson
JJ Watt
Brian Cushing
Arian Foster

I was very surprised to hear one former NFL player say another local former player was in the run for a possible General Manager position.  Friday, former Redskin, Eagle and Texan Defensive End ND Kalu (Sports Radio 610) substituted for Rich Lord on the J&R Show.  The topic of Aaron Glenn came up by a little back and forth chatter between Josh Innes and ND Kalu about Josh respecting Rice University.  ND Kalu chimed in by saying he respect other local schools and notated a specific case with Texas A&M Aaron Glenn.

Somewhere in the mix, ND Kalu began talking about Aaron Glenn and said he wouldn't be surprised if Glenn is a General Manager in the near future.  However, he did not stop there in his speculation but went as far to say the New York Jets expressed interest in Glenn at the helm. 

When I heard this, I had to really let it soak in because Glenn probably didn't play with anyone one on the current Jets roster  but then too, General Manager is a whole different ball game.  I had to also consider, ND Kalu is a former pro with professional connections and relationships not even to mention Glenn is a guy he played against and with since they were in highschool/college.  Then what really made this assertion plausible is Glenn being an astute business man with his stake in the "local chicken joint" Frenchys.  Glenn not only know the chicken business but he's pretty damn knowledgeable about football.

I have followed Aaron Glenn's career from College to the NFL and Post NFL.  I must admit, I never really heard him enough to judge his analysis of the game but with the way ND Kalu spoke of his knowledge of the game, I am like damn "why is he not on NFL Network or some radio station".  Sure, I have heard him in various spots on local TV and Radio but not enough to actually say this guy is solid or a stiff.  For the record he made the best prediction of them all, one of the few along with muah called for a "blowout" on the Sports Radio 610 Pre Game show.

But here's the question, if ND Kalu is correct in the Jets interest, is there a possibility there are others?  What is the realistic likelihood of Aaron Glenn becoming a General Manager.  With this being Black History Month, I felt this was a pretty cool story to write about.


In the end this could all be smoke but what I take out of it is how much respect ND Kalu has for Aaron Glenn.  During that same segment, ND Kalu said something very telling, he commented on non Rice University players were all football but to his surprise, guys like Aaron Glenn showed him different.  I know one thing, I will make it my business to really listen to Aaron Glenn on any and all spots he may appear on. On the strength I am in total favor of former pros participating in their former sport via media and managerial positions however I never really seen it work in coaching to the  success rate as the prior.  Make it do what it do Aaron Glenn.


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Earlis said...

this is great stuff man...not that I am big conspiracy theory guy...and sheesh I did'n get pass pee wee football..I Do recall how Casserly jammed Aaron and got him the hell out of town...Aaron was a great leader somthing the Texans really needed at the time..was Charley threaten by Glenn or was it just about the money...??
I really thought it hurt the Texans when they ran him out of town..I think he played a couple of more the time Charley was blowing smoke up Mr. Bob's errrah...laptop and Mr. Bob had not yet peeped Charley's bullcrap rap ..from listening to Aaron talk here and there he is in my view a football savvy guy a very smart guy...I think he would be the kind of indiviual who could step into the front office in some capacity yes..
I was too pissed when Charley ran Aaron out of town and I really thought at the time that it held the team back as to maturing and being able to play bang bang in your face football..In my view Charley should have been run out of the football..this being Black History Month I will say he was a insider and caught all the breaks....yanno..Race matter's but I ain gonna go just saying let a brotha flat fugg up in the front office like Charley did and still have a hella job in the NFL overnight...I am just's all good just don't smile in my face and fake the funk like Clive Davis did using the PR team to demonize Bobby when all along Whitney had issue's with drugs prior to her ever laying eye's on Bobby Brown..
To be fair they dogged Elvis and used him up and left him to self distruct...stars are real people we often forget that..
So yeah Aaron Glen's ability is real and hope the brother does get a shot at running things up top in the NFL Lamont...