Friday, March 30, 2012


@LesbianCraig: Sources tell HMW, ND Kalu & Greg Koch are leaving SportsRadio610 to join SportsTalk790's Morning lineup. Mon-Fri 10a-11a

After Craig's tweet, I reached out to Gavin Spittle for a public comment and he replied as follows

Lamont: Can I get a few thoughts about the departure of ND Kalu and Greg Koch?
Gavin:   I can’t thank them enough for the time that they spent here and hopefully they enjoyed being a part of SportsRadio 610.

 I like to thank Gavin Spittle for always taking the time to reply to questions of concern.  I don't agree with all  of Gavin's decisions but I have to say, he's always responsive.  I really wish he could have done more with Kalu and Koch but like the Texans in Free Agency, when you are good you become more visible thereby become prime for the pickings.

The above was tweeted by Craig Shelton approximately 8:30 AM Friday Morning. HMW was teasing the news all week to build the suspense but decided to drop it.

ND Kalu (former Eagle,Redskin,Texan) and Greg Koch (former Packer) leaving Sports Radio 610 for Sports Talk 790 sort of reminds me of Mario Williams leaving Houston for Buffalo.   I am not a person who talks another man's pockets but I highly doubt ND's and Greg's reason for leaving was based on money.  I believe they bolted (like Mario) for respect and the fact they were never truly given a chance by 610's management. Of course Gavin could tell me he valued the two but to me, if you really valued them, they would still be at 610 with their own show.  I only compare it to Mario Williams because I think the move had something to do with "I will show you".

As far as Sports Radio 610, they have lost two solid sports' minds.  I have been listening to Kalu for almost 3 years and Koch 2 years.  ND Kalu is pretty honest and if he don't know he will say it, Koch is a straight talker mixed in with a little of that legal mumbo jumbo but he holds no punches. People who are not familiar with them will be surprised to know, their range expands beyond football.  I think in addition to football, both guys were also recruited for college basketball and were stars basketball elites in High School.   When it comes to MLB, I think Greg may have to pick up the slack but truth be told, hardly anyone talks baseball in Houston these days.  Although, I am not an MMA guy, I think Kalu's MMA knowledge will fit right in with Dylan Gwinn and Lance Zierlein.

I am happy Sports Talk 790 grabbed ND and Greg, but kind of bummed out if the time is really only an hour a day.  I wrote a while back, who's ever in charge at 790 makes the mistake of one power move and think that's all they need to do, it's times like this, you build on the momentum.  In other words Bryan Erickson (790 Management), don't stop at Koch and Kalu.

Sports Talk 790 is clearly positioning themselves as a "Power House" in actual Sports.   As far as the ratings, I really do not know if Kalu and Koch is enough to "shift the power" but I do know, hard core sports fans like myself will tune in to them.




Anonymous said...

Dear 610,
You suck. True sports fans in Houston don't need to hear 24/7 Texans talk. Mix in some news about the Rockets. Talk about the Astros. I know they suck right now but those are our teams. The spike in listeners last year was because the Texans were doing good for once. What happens when they suck again? You are losing Vandermeer, Kalu, Koch, and probably Josh at some point. You will be left with crap. Bring Rome back.


J.O. said...

Good! I'm glad they are. I like listening to those guys, but most of the time that involves having to hear Josh Innes' jack his jaws! Great move for these guys!

WhiteGreg said...

I hope this is true! Both of these guys are great. I remember only one time last football season that they were paired for 1 hour to do a show. One time! It was great. Spittle is stupid. Now, 790 do away with all of the solo acts. Matt and Charlie and Dylan need help.

Anonymous said...

They need to take that gwynn character off the ai.Nd and Koch for 2-3 hrs would be better. although its seems like there taking a step down going to 790.

WhiteGreg said...

Do you guys know when this will be announced? So long to 610.

Steve said...

The Chron posted a story about their departure from 610.

No official word on the move to 790.

Matt said...

Oh my! Dylan Gwynn's fake voice radio will be out of here?! That is the best news ever.

Plus, ND and Greg are who I'd want to get football talk from.

Earlis said...

yeah my thought always was their opportunity would not come at 610...i must agree with my fellow bloggers...gwinnie sucks...I hope his arse is up and out of here in 2012..i will not predict him to move to and or reinvent himself at 610...but if he did I would buy the ole boy a beer...

Deborah said...

I thought you guys were some rag tag bullies but lately I have found myself frequenting your website. I do not agree with everything but I have respect for your ability to give us your views on what's happening.
As far as the ND news, I am happy but why 790 is not mentioning this?

LM, I think you need to slow down and fully think out your takes. Sometimes I feel your mind is thinking so far in advance of your next thought it make some of your post hard to comprehend. Do not take this as a criticism because I like the way you stay on top of everything the media says. We need more straight talkers like you.

Craig, your writings are a work of beauty. It's absolutely clear you have a keen understanding of the media and I wish you would write more. As a white female, it's hard to stomach when you talk racial but I'm a big girl and there's some validity in what you say but please take it easy on some of us. I work on an oil rig, I provide for my family and I use sports as an escape from some realities. As an average person, I like what you are doing. Right now I can't get your show but I listen to the podcast.

Keep up the good work.Deborah