Thursday, February 16, 2012


Written by: LM

Tuesday morning I was cruising the streets while listening to the Big Show. At some point during the second hour of the show, I heard a comment come out of Matt Jackson’s that almost made me run off the road and fall to my death in Galveston Bay.  As a Houstonian and avid sports fan, there are certain names you can’t approach with sloppy commentary:  Hakeem, Earl, Nolan, Moon, Childress, and Andre Johnson.  I am not even a huge baseball guy but I know the value of Nolan Ryan partly because my stepdad slapped the taste out my mouth because I said Nolan was not that good. 

The Big Show (790) was talking about Free Agent Wide Receivers and it was normal dialogue between the guys.  Adam Wexler was pretty much running point guard when he mentioned Vincent Jackson.  They begin talking about Vincent in terms of  free agency. It appeared, Lance and Adam were locked on Andre Johnson but Matt Jackson said he would take Vincent over Andre.  Matt Jackson is the local version of ESPN's Skip Bayless.  My blog does very little to what transpired on Tuesday.  It's a must hear for yourself.

Matt Jackson started throwing Vincent Jackson stats while elaborating on Andre Johnson’s injuries.  Sometimes Monty Mont is known to take people words literally which makes them whine about being taken out of context therefore I want you good folk to hear it for yourself.

Now that we got that out of the way, Matt Jackson’s argument is flawed.
  • Vincent Jackson also had nagging injurie
  •  In terms of career, Johnson (4) Years of David Carr
  •  Jackson (4) years of Phillip Rivers
  • Ask any creditable football mind who are the top 3 receivers, Vincent Jackson is not one of them
  •  Andre never truly had a decoy on the opposite side
  • Put a healthy Andre and Vincent on the Free Agency Market, who get picked up first at the most money
If Matt Jackson is going to go all stats/production of saying Vincent is better than Andre then by the transitive property Calvin Johnson, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Larry Fitzgerald', Steve Smith, Roddy White, Jordy Nelson, Brandon Marshall, Mike Wallace, Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Bowe,Marques Colston are also better than Andre Johnson.  The names mention above are all guys above Vincent Jackson.

Matt is no slow slouch though, more than likely he will say I am talking about Vincent Jackson vs Andre Johnson.  I cannot discount what my eyes have witnessed for nine years.  No one on this God green planet will convince me Vincent Jackson is better than Andre Johnson, that's insane.  Matt's comment to me was similar to Mike Lombardi calling Texans' soft.  Sure you can argue your point but you are talking to deaf ears and everything you say beyond that is not heard.


As the show progressed and the backlashed received, it seems as if Matt Jackson qualified his argument but not to the point of going back on his original statement, he owned it.  Twitter counterpart Frobeus said it best, Matt's comment was Dylan Gwinn caliber.  In my opinion, this further proves my point of Matt trying to disagree so damn much at times it puts him on the unpopular side of the fence.  Notice I didn't said wrong because all of this is subjective and yes I have a bias towards Andre Johnson but so does 99.9% of football enthusiast.

If Rick Smith were to cut Andre Johnson and acquire Vincent Jackson, he would have to escape Houston by night at the Sugarland  Airport.

As far as Lance and Adama I can thoroughly understand them not having anything to do with that conversation.  In all fairness, Lance tried to defend Matt but it's not happening this way.  Larry, Calvin Johnson are arguable not no freaking Vincent Jackson however he would make a cold ass number 2.




WhiteGreg said...

I heard this segment and it cracked me up. Your call was great. I thought you were going to pull Matt through the radio and slap him around. By the way, I am a big fan of you and Craig. I wish you guys had your own show together. It would be so different and alot better than the standard sports talk fare we have in Houston.

HMW said...


Thanks for the read man. LOL I have absolutely no desire to do radio in a sports capacity. Although I critique these guys, I do realize they bust their ass and it aint easy. Thanks again


J.O. said...

Matt Jackson is an idiot. I've always known this, and this just proves my point. The day that Vincent Jackson begins to even sniff Dre's jock as far as achievements in the NFL then maybe troll boy will have an argument. Until then, he's like Dylan 2.0, he just says things to be different.

Angelo Lawford said...

Matt Jackson jumped the shark for me with his position on Joe Paterno after the Penn State scandal. He had absolutely no objectivity in how he expressed himself in regard to that story as he pledged his State College allegience. Plus, is it just me, or does he have a gambling problem? I hate to be critical, but he talks about his own personal habits way too much.