Wednesday, June 12, 2013



When the cats are away the Mice will play.

I have been out of town and Craig Shelton is wondering the world.  

Tuesday night, I decided to tune in to Fred and Ted (Sports Radio 610) just to hear the local vibe.

Ted Johnson and let me get this right (former New England Patriot Three Time Super Bowl Winner) went off on other stations slamming Sports Radio 610.

In his mini rant he basically said he didn't like other stations making fun of Sports Radio 610 and if they do they better represent it when they see "Fred and Ted".  Ok, now that I have gotten the "threats" out of the way, the audio will paint a better picture.

I can totally get down with Ted's Point of View if his station was not the ones poking the bear but he let a nugget out I've obviously missed.  He said he's not astute to media and think everyone are friends when Fred had to tell him, it's not like that.  With that said, Fred tried to get "gutta" close to the end and OK.

Ted Johnson acting like he's a  "G" don't surprise me and to be honest I like it.  At least someone at Sports Radio 610 has the stones to speak about Lance Zierlein "owning" J&R Show, who they were obviously talking about.

I admit, Ted qualified himself by saying he's ignorant of media relationships (thinking media look out for media) but to think other stations are shooting at Sports Radio 610 without cause is completely ignorant.   Josh Innes and to a lesser degree Nick Wright  have been taking shots at other stations for the longest.  

I don't expect Ted to know this but Fred has been in Houston long enough and he  know what the business is and he could have told Ted, "In all fairness, our station poke at other stations regularly".  

Ted, go on CSN with the "other station's host" and be upset while the other two personalities at your station let you fight their battles.  Who the hell is he, Revenge of the Nerds, Ogre?

Below is the Audio, I tried to capture it all,  For what is worth, Ted didn't need to go there, too inexperienced.  I think Ted needs to be more concerned with perfecting his "on air" persona not "media battles".



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Shecky Goldstein said...

That was Troglodyte Ted at his best.
For those who watched it, Ted is like the second coming of Lou Ferrigno on last year's Celebrity Apprentice:
"Duh, I give 110%, Duh, I give 110%. I'm tough. I can beat you up."
He may be able to break down defenses, but he's a circus sideshow beyond that.