Sunday, June 2, 2013


Written by: LM.

Friday, May 31, 2013 Lance Zierlein and Chris Solis delivered a Sports Talk Show for the ages.  Worst Hour Radio may well go down as one of the best segments in Houston radio.

Greg Koch, Craig Shelton, Malik Thomas, Lance Zierlein
One of the reasons I like Josh Innes style is because he breaks the "Unwritten Radio Rules" and charge up other stations and hosts.  For the longest, I wondered why Houston personalities would allow Josh to get away with it.  I'm from the school of thought, some one hits you, you hit them back harder especially on your home turf.  Yes, there have been a few twitter scuffles and promo attacks but never anything direct as I heard Friday.  All of the calls were funny but Pay Pal Al (Craig Shelton) and Malik's racist calls was the perfect set up to the L&Z Show.

The L&Z Show (J&R Show Parody) hit on just about every element of J&R Show.
  • Non Sports Topics
  • Josh's voice
  • Rich Lordisms (Geez, Oh Man, You Can't Say that, Over the Balance of the hour, Hump day edition, Along the way)
  • On Air Arguments (staged)
  • Metrosexuality
  • Staged Program Director Calls
  • Whole segment without any sports
  • Josh Innes saved Houston
  • Sports Radio 610 Number 1
  • Josh Innes quitting and being fired
  • Josh only one in market with balls
  • Asking about Rich Lord's daughter
  • Everyone Hates Josh but like me on my plethora of social media accounts
  • Rich Rides In the MS 150
  • Sexy Traffic
And the one most may have not caught, they even hit the Flash Report.  I have always wondered why 790 was the only station who didn't provide a flash report but now I know why, they think it's corny.

It's hard to believe Lance Zierlein and Adam Clanton captured most of the J&R Show in one segment.  I know it was a parody but they illustrated what the J&R Show has become.  Believe it or not, Lance and Adam could have really hit a Grand Slam if they would have included
  • A Million Josh Innes personal stories
  • Penis Talk
  • Attraction to men
  • Jilly
  • Jim the "Producer"
  • Sex Talk
  • Snorting Blow off a urinal
  • Incorporated Scott Innes (Josh's Dad)
  • Asking Rich (Texans sideline reporter) to define the 3.4 Defense
  • Rich Lordism "Holy Mackerel"
  • Josh Innes "Dolt"
Then there is the timing, the 4 to 5 Oclock on a Friday.  Lance could have went with any other hour and some can argue 5 to 6 would have got even more bang for the buck because that's when most people are in their vehicles in traffic but he went 4p.  The brilliance of this is to know exactly what's happening at 610 during that time.  Everyone know on Fridays, John McClain is in studio with J&R and most know Josh Innes is not really a part of that portion of the show.  I could be wrong but I believe Lance new Josh would be listening live.


I told Lance, Sports Radio 610 will answer and really they have no choice but to answer.  You cannot get verbally destroyed like that and allow it to go unanswered. If 610 do answer, this summer could be very interesting.  

As far as twitter, Twitter was running like a Sunday Football game.  It was a constant flow of tweets and my system throttled out twice.

In all fairness I have said I like Josh Innes combative style in terms of going after other hosts but some where along the way, it became the "JOSH SHOW".    The show has become all about Josh Innes life and the shit is tired.

It was fun and it shouldn't be taken any other way but fun.  With that said, Sports Radio 610 can fire back and they are not short of targets to aim at however I wonder if they have the personalities to pull it off.

All in all, The Worst Hour of Radio started off dry but made more sense once you listen to the show in it's entirety.   In other words, listening to the individual  calls are OK but once you go back and listen to the podcast and truly get the intent of the message it's effing hilarious.


Friday, Matt Thomas addressed comments I made about 790 not having Lance's back (excluding Greg and Clanton).  He felt I was incorrect and I can take that but later during "crosstalk" on the Adam Clanton's Experience he reiterated the point.  Adam made the comment that 790 is not a "reactionary" station.  I disagree and the whole premise of Worst Talk Radio in my opinion was nothing more than a reaction of Josh Innes constantly taking shots at Charlie Pallilo.




j.o said...

is there a link to hear this?


Earlis said...

That was seriously good general Houston all sports talk stations play in the powder puff isood to mix it up a little bit..spice it creative...