Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cal McNair is running the #Texans

Written By: LM

For years we have laughed about the son of Texans Bob McNair, Cal McNair being irrelevant. Rarely was he involved to the public's knowledge of any significant decisions.

Several sources have confirmed Bob's health is reducing his role in the organization.   It has also come to my attention that Bob is not speaking to the media as he would in the past.  I cannot remember a time when Bob has not spoken with the media in the off season after a high profile draft. What's interesting is how the local media is "hush hush" or not even thinking about the visible public absence.

When you think about it, this whole off-season was odd and uncharacteristic of what we are accustom to with Bob's Texans.

  • Little to no free agents moves
  • Drafting a Quarterback
  • The way the Texans drafted a Quarterback
  • Training Camp moved to West Virginia
West Virginia is interesting because it's more of a controlled environment than practicing in Houston with fans.

I do believe Cal has been running the Texans for a while without the public's knowledge. I am not sure if it's permanent or temporary but I do know Cal's role has increased in the organization.  

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