Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sports Radio 610 Representing Astros Jeff Bagwell in Cooperstown

Written by: LM 

Radio is just odd.  Today, as I was listening to Sports Radio 610.  Alex Del Barrio and Shaun Bijani were in Cooperstown covering Astros Jeff Bagwell's HOF induction.

Quickly I switched the dial to Sports Talk 790 because surely Astros Flagship station would have some in attendance.  I was wrong.  I flipped back to 610 and enjoyed the various audio Alex and Shaun provided.

They spoke to numerous people affiliated the Astros during Bagwell's tenure.  The audio that stood out most to me was Larry Dierker saying he didn't manage Bagwell he just watched him play.

Sports Talk 790

Maybe it was budget constraints that kept 790 from covering Bagwell's HOF festivities.  As I stated, it's odd because the Astros are the talk of the town nationally and locally and I would expect their Flagship Station to be in attendance.

Who knows, maybe 790 will make an appearance the day of the induction.

Mad ups to Alex and Shaun for providing a ton of sound.

Sports Radio 610 has staff deployed in West Virginia and Cooperstown  covering the Texans and Astros.  That's pretty badass.

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