Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fred Davis returns to 610

Written by: LM

It’s that time of year, as football season approaches, local radio stations tweak their lineups. 

One of the more high-profile tweaks was Sports Talk 790’s Josh Innes to Mornings along with Matt Thomas back to Mid Days and the addition of Jayson Braddock with Adam Clanton and Sean Jones. 
Quietly, Charlie Pallilo joined SB Nation 1560.

One of the latest moves is Fred Davis returning to SportsRadio 610.  I like Fred.  He’s loud and wild and not afraid of being wrong. He is not popular opinion “guy” and he loves Old School Hip Hop.  Fred and I also share a commonality of being Navy Vets.  Fred was a Search and Rescue (SAR) Swimmer in the Navy. After the military, he took his talent to the University Of Kansas

610 is bringing Fred back in a Part Time capacity.  He will also be involved in Texans Coverage, writing on the 610's website, fill ins and weekends.

Fred on the weekends is a good thing.  I have been listening to local Sports Talk for a while and I never heard it as dry and bland as it has been for the last few years.  I know weekends are not Fred's goal but like his last stint at 610, I wouldn’t be surprised if he works himself back into a full-time role.  

My only advice to Fred, no text messages.  Ha Ha. 


Jbird said...

Glad to see Fred back! Weekend radio just got interesting again.

HMW said...

Very good to see Fred back - Lamont