Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#Texans Training Camp Day 1: John McClain says Watson reminds him of Warren Moon

Let me began by saying, Warren Moon is my favorite QB and I love the DeShaun Watson pick.  I like Warren because he threw a pretty ball and had a hell of a team but they flamed in the playoffs.  I like DeShaun Watson because the young man appears humble and he balled out in college.

Houston Chronicle's John McClain is either drunk or desperately trying to get clicks.  The first day of Training,  John delivered this beauty,

Ed Reed be like
On the surface, this tweet is harmless until you really think about it.  It's probably the dumbest shit I've seen John tweet.  I mean, this tops him crying on Twitter about Ed Reed snubbing him at the airport.

John enjoys the fact that he is one of the few in Houston who has seen both players in their NFL rookie years during the off-season and Training Camp,  I give him John that, but come on, it's lame and lazy to compare a rookie to a Hall of Famer on the first day of camp.

I read this tweet and I thought he was talking demeanor but his emphasis on "one practice" I thought football.  Either way it's simple.  It looks like he's doing the "compare black QB to black QB" coupled with nostalgia to really drive it home.

The funniest part, I am sure Warren Moon who was an established Pro in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and nearly 30 years old loves to be compared to a 21 year old kid from Clemson.

As I read the tweet, I pictured John sitting back on this zinger all spring and summer long the moment the Texans drafted DeShaun Watson.

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