Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Training Camp: Freak Out about Duane Brown #Texans

Since  Houston Media loves to develop convenient amnesia, I decided to chart all of the stuff they thought was HUGE in July during training camp.

First thing first, it's my belief, Sports Radio 610 could not wait for Training Camp to bump or minimize Astros talk.  Sports Radio 610 is the flagship station for the Texans and Sports Talk 790 (direct competitors) are the flagship station for the Astros who are currently busting ass.

The Texans set off for Training Camp in West Virginia; Texans All-Pro Left Tackle Duane Brown  is listed as did not report.  You got it, PANIC TIME!  I listened to Mad Radio for 2 segments and I didn't hear them freak out but then I tuned to Paul Gallant (7p-11p 610) and he is totally freaking out about some comments Rick Smith (Texans GM) made about Duane Brown's hold out.  In addition to, I have seen just about all TV outlets report on Duane Brown's absence.

Here's the kicker, all of Houston knew that Duane was holding out, this is not news at all unless you are trying to get clicks.  News is when Duane appears with the team.

In all honesty, I only heard Paul discussing Duane's hold out on Radio but most of Houston TV and National  News was all over it like it was brand new.

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