Monday, September 18, 2017

Mattress Mack is a Rockstar - Free Mattresses for Veterans

Written by: Lamont

Jim Mcingvale

If I were to look up the phrase "put your money where your mouth is", I would see an Image of Mattress Mack (Jim Mcingvale).   Mattress Mack joined the Josh Innes Show which appeared random.

He announced, starting tomorrow, Gallery Furniture (North Loop Location) would give away 1,000 mattresses to Veterans for free.  The only stipulation, you must have a truck to pick it up.  Jim also asked if volunteers with trucks could help veterans.  Below is the Audio

Check this out on Chirbit

Free Mattresses 

Every since the Harvey Floods, Jim has been an absolute Godsend for the City of Houston with his efforts.

I see and hear a lot of people criticizing people for what they are not doing.  If you are not an elected official, I do not care if you choose to sit out however if you choose to help, it's freaking awesome.

From a Vet to Jim, BRAVO ZULU 

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