Sunday, February 4, 2018

Did Jayson Braddock act unprofessional?

Written By: Lamont

Wednesday,  Sports Talk 790 was kicked off of Radio.  Jayson was heated and voiced his opinion.  He called Josh Innes a few idiots and a caller who had the story wrong a moron.

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I've heard a few people say, Jayson acted unprofessional but the vast majority said he didn't.  In this situation, unprofessional is very subjective.  I do not believe it was unprofessional just like I don't feel Seth Payne's reaction was unprofessional.  That shit was needed.

Put yourself in Jayson's shoes.  Unlike Josh, Jayson is not trying to start shit, he actually wants to do sports, yea I know novel concept.  After leaving your family, being crammed into a cylinder for 3 hours, only to get off a plane and get publicly humiliated in front of your peers, over some shit that didn't involve you, hell yea I would be hot and if some want to call it unprofessional, so be it.

I was worried Jayson may have crossed the line mentioning management but when a man is upset, oh well.  From Jayson's point of view, I'd have to think, management is all in this guy's ass who has gotten the station kicked off Radio Row and the butt of jokes nationally but everyone else has to "tow the line".

Kick off Radio Row

A few people have asked why Sports Radio 610 didn't get kicked off Radio Row like Sports Talk 790.  I've been asking around and heard a few people explained, spots on radio row are reserved months before.  Sports Radio 610 had a reservation.  Sports Talk 790 was not planning on going until the last moment.  In other words, 790 wasn't even suppose to be there which may have made the decision easier to remove them.

In addition, I believe the fact 610 is affiliated with an NFL and the fact, Josh instigated it all. I also believe, the NFL may have been  ready for Josh based upon his stunts last year with Brock Osweiler.

What has gone under the radar, Josh and Jim was also messing with Nick Wright's production.  It was funny to me but at the end of the day, people are there trying to work and do not have time for pranks and shit.

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