Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Josh Innes is The Ultimate Team Player

Written By: Lamont

Have you ever heard something so funny, you almost hit a curb while you were driving.  This morning as I was riving through dense fog and tapping my brakes, a voice came over the air. 

I am actually laughing while I'm writing this but Josh Innes was discussing the Patriots v Malcom Brown situation.  Malcom brown was benched in the Super Bowl an Josh believes, Malcom Brown put himself above the team if he broke the rules. 

As I continued listening,  my mouth was left opened.  I mean lets excuse the point of Josh commentating on a rumor and not a confirmed report because that's the norm the days.   There is no factual information out there which says Malcom smoked weed or went parting, it's rumor.

Josh do not care for people who put themselves above the team if you break explicit written rules.  Of course he had to add a qualifier because then it excuses his behavior.  In addition to he says certain people need to know their place in regards to the rules.  In other words, valuable people can get away with breaking rules, less valuable not so much.

Last week's Radio Row events are too obvious but Josh constantly put himself before the team.  He as to be crazy if he cannot see this.  Dude just got the whole station kicked off Radio Row but applauded the fact that HE got attention for himself and the station.

If I were to look up the word Anti-Team Player, I would see a picture of Josh posing like he's about to lay fiyah freestyle lyrics.

Cmon Big J, F**K Outta here man, but it did make me laugh.

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