Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mike Meltser and Seth Payne don't like people using other people's name

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Either the media are spoil affluent kids with everything given to them or they live in a whole different universe where the rules and social norms apply to everyone but them.  How in the hell can you criticize people for shit you are openly doing.  It's Bat Shit crazy in Houston now

Yesterday it was Josh Innes calling out Malcom Butler for not being a Team Player, now Mike Meltser not witht he use of people's names

This morning, Mad Radio discussed a National Media by the name of Scott Ferrall.  Scott was discussing Bill Belichick's coaching tree.  When he got to Bill O'Brien, he said his buddy Cush (Brian Cushing) told him some things.  Kind of implying that O'Brien is not all that.   On the surface, that's a damn good interesting topic.   Especially after seeing how much O'Brien thinks of Brian.

What I was not expecting to hear after last week's events was Mike and Seth saying Scott shouldn't have used Cushing's name.   I completely agree with Seth and Mike but damn just a week ago, Mike used Gavin Spittle's name in a public argument.   That went unchecked.

At first I was going to let it slide until I heard Mike say "Why would he even use Cushing's name"

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Don't Use Cushing's Name

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