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Written by: Mike in DA
Date posted: 10/22/2010



Anonymous responded to Craig Shelton's post of 10/20, "THE MIGHTY PHONY? - CRAIG SHELTON - 10/20/ 2010", as follows:

“As a person that knows what's going on, I am really surprised you guys have not figured it out. Dylan wants to work at 610. He spends more time listening to 610 than he does his own station. A couple of articles you guys have hit on it and I thought you would have made the connection. His juvenile style of disseminating sports information is more suited for 610; in fact, I would go as far to say, his style would be welcomed at 610. This is only an inside rumor, but it's been said that he cried because he could not attend 610 Fan Fest. The article was fantastic, I would like to see HMW get on 1560 as well.” END

Response to Anonymous:

"With regard to 1560 (and 97.5 FM also), since most of our readers prefer 610 and 790, we have been concentrating on those two stations. As 1560's listenership increases, we will "get on them" as well in due time. Their house can use some improvements, whether they wish to admit it or not." END

Thomas also left a comment regarding the above posting:

“Great article Craig, really looking forward to reading more pieces on this phony. 610 should sign him and do us all a favor and pair him with Josh Innes, so everyone can listen to some decent sports talk in the mid-mornings on 790. Like you stated, he just wants to be right and refuses to engage into a conversation with his callers. He'll only keep you on air if you called and actually agreed with one of his opinions. His lack of sports knowledge is mind boggling. I thought when football season started, his show would be more bearable, but it may have gotten worse. As I stated before, when he covers the Astros on 740, it’s torture. You can tell he is struggling reading through all the notes his producer left for him.


Recently, there was a Peanut Gallery post here on 10/8 with a section entitled, “SEAN SALISBURY: DO YOU WANNA SEE A PICTURE OF MY BABY?”  (

And in the 9/9 post, there was a section entitled, “We Got Next” (  about the Lingerie Football League (LFL) being televised this season on MTV-2.

Putting 2 and 2 together, last Friday night, I was watching the "Lingerie Football League" on MTV 2 (10 pm CT – Fridays) that Sean Salisbury was an announcer on.

After the opening montage hyping up this game as a possible playoff picture showdown between the Chicago Bliss and the Seattle Mist, I noticed Salisbury's name scrolled across the screen as an announcer. Sean immediately chimed in how much those in the Pacific Northwest (aka Seattle) love their football and how they have the best atmosphere in all of the LFL arenas. This is 7 vs. 7 football and Sean immediately hyped up the "8th man" and Mist Nation. Yeah, these fans love their lingerie football.

The LFL is serious business, as Salisbury reminded the viewer all game long. These athletes are completely protected wearing hockey helmets and shoulder pads and matching lingerie.

After a near interception by a Mist linebacker, Sean said that this LB is one of the best in the league, and then named three other LFL top LBs that are practically household names. While providing this expert analysis, the linebacker pops up on the screen in her lingerie and dances. The Bliss were able to overcome this top linebacker and draw first blood with a TD. They celebrated by the team going to midfield and pulling a Randy Moss fake moon celebration.

 We next learned that Chicago's best player is a fullback named Tasha “The Tank” Pryor. "The Tank" has to be one of the most unfortunate nicknames for a woman wearing lingerie.

At the end of the first half, the clock almost ran out for the Mist at the 1-yard line. Salisbury was ticked off at the Mist’s coaching staff by saying that they need better clock management. I agree with Sean because errors like this will have Mist fans calling for their coach’s head if he continues to do that.

Unfortunately, for those who like their LFL games to be competitive, this game turned out to be a “laugher”. "The Tank" and her Chicago teammates were too much for Seattle to overcome in a 41-12 win. However, the crowd remained into it despite the lopsided score. Salisbury was impressed by the crowd support. I guess that’s because the fans were there for the football, right? Not the thirty or so women running around in their underwear.

Near the end of the game, Sean said that if you've been watching these games Friday nights, you'd recognize that this just isn't good looking women, but great football and they just happen to look great doing it.

For those who crave football, the LFL airs on MTV2 at 10 PM on Friday nights. You can see the highlights of the above game at
 (Game 7 Behind the Scenes and Game Highlights).


On his Monday show on 1560 KGOW (1 – 3 pm daily), Travis Rodgers said that adults should never wear team jerseys and mocked those adults as clowns, buffoons, or something like that. He had seen some adults wearing team jerseys when he was at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport last week, which prompted him to make that statement.

I fit into the Social Security blue-hair (actually bald) adult category, though I might seem childish at times. My question here is who the heck made this Jim Rome clone the fashion police.

My wife and daughter ordered a cool-looking #11 Boise State football jersey for me, as I have been a supporter of the BSU football program since 2003 (they’ve covered over 65% of their games since then). My family wanted to treat me to a jersey because they knew I would never spring for such an exorbitant priced piece of clothing myself, so much so, that I'm embarrassed to say how much it cost.

I pay my taxes, served my country, obey the laws, respect people,  am coming closer to meet the "grim reaper", and all that crap, and I will wear anything I want that fits me okay, just as long as I don’t break any laws or offend anybody.

I don’t tell Travis Rodgers what to wear, so he should respect my right to wear what I want to wear. Instead of making fun of what I wear, Travis should worry on how to get a bigger audience interested in his show, which needs to go a long way to match the Matt Thomas Show on Sports Talk 790 for entertainment value and listener participation, which airs at the same time as Travis’ show.

I will be at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport during Thanksgiving Week, so if Travis sees me there in my Boise jersey, I want him to tell my wife that I look like an asshole wearing it. I also have a Yates basketball jersey that I usually wear to their games, so Travis can find me there also, if he wants to mock me in person. Or he can read this on air and mock me on his show. As a matter of fact that might make his show more entertaining. Then the clonish callers, texters, and e-mailers can chime in ragging on me. Out! Rack him!


Last week’s home loss to Texas just about knocked Nebraska out of the national championship picture barring any miracles. The Cornhuskers need to forget that loss and be ready to play an undefeated Oklahoma State team this week or their season will implode. Going into the Texas game, Nebraska freshman QB, Taylor Martinez, who was a dark horse candidate for the Heisman Trophy, is no longer, as the loss to Texas ought to put a stop to that kind of talk permanently.

In the game, Martinez was benched for poor performance. Nebraska scored no offensive TDs for the entire game. The Heisman Trophy usually goes to supposedly the single best collegiate football player in the country and can’t go to a player who was benched in mid-game for stinking out the joint. Maybe in 2011 or 2012, but no way in 2010.


On Friday morning’s (10/22) “John and Lance Morning Show” (1560 KGOW), John Granato said that "Reefer Madness" was a 1970's flick. "Reefer", which is often referred to as the granddaddy of “worst movies” was actually made in 1936. For those not familiar with the flick, it depicts how one puff of pot can lead clean-cut teenagers down the road to insanity and death.


Some schools have faced brutal schedules so far this year and have poor records to show for it. Consider the following:

Wyoming (2-5): After a victory over Southern Utah in its opener, Wyoming has lost 5 of its next 6. The losses have been to: Texas, Boise State, Air Force, TCU, and Utah

San José State (1-6): The Spartans have a 1-6 record now, with their lone win also vs. Southern Utah. Their losses have come at the hands of: Alabama, Wisconsin, Utah, UC Davis, Nevada, and Boise State.


I don’t know University of Minnesota head coach, Tim Brewster, from Punky Brewster, Brewster McCloud, Brewster’s Millions, or the Rooster Brewster, but I do know the school fired the head coach last weekend. His record there stands at 15-30. As previously mentioned here, Tony Dungy has said he is not interested in returning to his alma mater to try to move the football program in a positive direction.

Rumors are out there regarding Mike Leach who was fired at Texas Tech at the end of last year. Leach has been in the broadcast booth this year and his name has surfaced with regard to just about every NCAA coaching position that might become open next year. In ten seasons at Tech, Leach had a record of 84-43.

The Minnesota AD has put himself in an interesting position with this early firing. On one hand, he has a head-start on other ADs who might be looking for a new coach next season in that Minnesota has a job opening for certain. On the other hand, if Minnesota comes up with Joe Schmoe as the only guy who will take the job, the AD does not have the excuse of claiming that other schools beat him to the punch.


Perennial Big-12 doormat, Baylor, is 5-2 so far this year. They need one more win to become bowl-eligible but the schedule-maker might just land a haymaker on the Bears. Here are their remaining games:
vs. Kansas State
at Texas
at Oklahoma State
vs. Texas A&M
vs. Oklahoma


The NBA season has not yet begun; nevertheless, Gilbert Arenas is back in the news for doing something stupid. Just before a recent exhibition game, Arenas told the Wizards’ coach that his knee hurt and he could not play that night. The Wizards sat him out of the game and then Arenas announced that he had lied to the coach about his knee just so teammate Nick Young could start the game and show off his skills.

I realize this is an exhibition game and has no meaning whatsoever. Nevertheless, Arenas announced publicly that he had lied to the coach to sit out a game; he had no injury. Arenas has four years and $80M left on his contract, which is the reason the Wizards have not been able to unload him anywhere. He has an injury history; he has only played in 48 games in the last 3 seasons. Now he lies about an injury to sit out a game.

I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t lying about an injury to avoid playing getting close to withholding of services, which could be a reason to void his contract.?


1. Do you know that the 1-5 Detroit Lions have outscored their opponents this year 146 – 140? You can count on your middle finger the number of times that has happened in the history of the NFL after 6 games.

2. How about them Cowboys? Do you know that the Dallas offense is fourth in the NFL and the defense is third overall in the league. You might not have known that looking at the standings and seeing that the Cowboys’ record is 1-4.

3. How about them Rams? St. Louis is 3-3, after going 1-15 last year. All three wins have come at home and that is the longest home win streak for the Rams in more than 5 years. From 2007-2009, the Rams’ home record was 2-22; therefore, a 3-1 home record so far this season represents a big step forward in competitiveness.

4. Todd Dodge got the boot from North Texas this week; he and Tim Brewster can head to the football coaches’ association convention with résumés in hand looking for work. When Dodge arrived at North Texas he came from a high school program where he had won 79 of his previous 80 games. Let’s just say he was slightly short of that mark at North Texas. He won six games there and three of them came over Western Kentucky, a team that has now lost 26 games in a row. North Texas’ record this season stands at 1-6.

5. The TCU defense took a vacation last week. Going into the game against BYU, the Horned Frogs had two consecutive shut-outs. Last Saturday, TCU won easily, 31-3, but allowed BYU to kick a field goal in that game. Oh well, that is three consecutive games without allowing a TD for TCU. Not bad.

6. With Auburn and LSU playing each other this weekend, the SEC will be down to only one undefeated team by Sunday morning. However, SEC fans need not be all that worried; remember that LSU already has one BCS Championship in a season where they had two losses on their record. This game is a Crier Elimination Tournament head-to-head game.

7. As the first BCS poll came out last Sunday, Oklahoma is #1. Is OU the best team in the country? Who really knows? The Crier has them #3 in his rankings behind Oregon and Stanford going into this weekend, but that doesn’t mean squat. This week OU goes to visit the undefeated Missouri Tigers; teams ranked #1 have not fared well in the past two weeks. That should be a game to watch.

8. The NFL and the NFL Players Association jointly did the right thing last week when they announced that they would provide financial assistance to former NFL players who now suffer from ALS (aka "Lou Gehrig’s Disease"). Recent research indicates that there could be a direct link between head injuries and a condition that mimics Lou Gehrig’s Disease. So, the league and the union opened up their coffers and decided to provide up to $88K per year for former players who need institutional care for this disease. It is the right thing for them to do; both organizations can afford it; kudos to them for getting it right.

9. Greg Norman divorced his first wife after several years of messy litigation and the settlement reportedly cost Greg $103M. He paid that to Wife #1 so that he could marry Chris Evert. That marriage lasted 18 months. That’s about $5.7M per month that Norman paid to be married to Chris. Norman is now engaged to the proverbial  “long-term friend” to whom Norman gave a 6-carat diamond ring recently.

10. Last week, Mississippi State went into "The Swamp" and beat Florida, 10-7. That is the first time Mississippi State won a road game over Florida since 1965. To give you an idea of what was happening at Florida then, Steve Spurrier was on the team. With three straight losses for the Gators, the Meineke Car Care Bowl may be in their future.

11. South Carolina came back a week after beating then #1 Alabama and took an 18-point lead over Kentucky. Granted, they lost their stud RB, Marcus Lattimore to an injury, but losing that game was shameful.

12. Last Saturday, Eastern Michigan trailed Ball State by 3 TDs in the first half and rallied to win. That is Eastern Michigan’s first win since 2008. I mention that because there remain three winless teams in Division 1-A football this year. Akron is 0-7; Western Kentucky and New Mexico are both 0-6.

13. When Ohio State lost last weekend, it left Michigan State as the only undefeated team in the Big Ten and the team with the inside track for the conference title because Ohio State and Michigan State do not play each other this year. If Michigan State can win out, there is nothing Ohio State can do to claim the Big Ten title. Michigan State has two consecutive road games starting this weekend at Northwestern and then next weekend in what should be one of the best games of the weekend at Iowa. They will also close the season on the Saturday after Thanksgiving with a game at Penn State. It is not exactly easy street for the Spartans, but they have the conference title in their own hands.


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